client brief

ButtonSmasher is a complete solution for gaming enthusiasts. With an authentic rating and review system, it provides a way for gamers to stay updated with the latest news in the game industry. Button Smasher is a trusted platform for gamers to unite and share experiences to keep the game going!


YEAR - 2019

ROLE - UI/UX design and development

TYPE - Mobile Application and Website



The idea to revolutionize game reviews came as a consequence of declining trust in review platforms. ButtonSmasher is a platform designed to reignite this trust and provide an educational experience in the world of gaming.


the problem

The challenge was to come up with a review algorithm that allows for nuanced ratings, as opposed to a general game rating. This was needed to ensure that gamers could get a nuanced understanding of the quality of a game depending on their personal quality markers.


the solution

Our team worked extensively to adopt a dual-rating system which implements an aggregate rating based on individual components of a game such as graphics, gameplay, animation and sound. For this, two modules were created. One for ratings from game critics and a separate module for casual players. This ensured that consumers could see distinct ratings from random people and game critics, to get a more educated experience when seeing game ratings and reviews.


the highlights

The ButtonSmasher application adopted a very interactive UI, with a tinder-like swipe functionality to make the app fun to use. The implementation of the Swipe function allows users to swipe in four different directions, each one preset to a specific task such as, rating and reviews, game information, gameplay video and so on.


the results

We successfully implemented a system that solves one of the biggest problems faced by the gaming industry in the modern world. With an interactive UI and a complex rating system geared to provided nuanced information and reviews about up and coming games and gaming news. The result is a platform that reignites the lost trust between game developers, the review industry and gamers, all based on audience preferences and demands.

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