Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Top Rated On-Demand App Development

Top On Demand App Development Company

Tekrevol is an expert on-demand delivery app development company that has served multiple startups and entrepreneurs around the globe. Tekrevol has developed a number of app-based custom on-demand solutions for some of the leading startups, renowned enterprises, and thriving businesses. Our on-demand app development services are focused on providing quality through a seamless process to our clients.

By making the most of the services by our expert on demand app developers, we offer industry-leading app-based solutions that are integrated with state-of-the-art features, secured with modern encryption techniques and in-app payment methods to provide unmatched user experience in record time.

Do you need on demand app development solution for your business to efficiently manage your routine operations? Are you looking to build a platform that offers end-users a one-stop solution? Do you want to develop a cloud-based solution to improve efficiency and hike profit figures? Tekrevol is ever-ready to listen, discuss and implement innovative app ideas; let’s get started.

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On Demand App Builder

Top On-Demand Delivery Apps Developed by Tekrevol

Tekrevol has now been in the business for almost a decade now. Being the premium on-demand app development company, we have built multiple on demand apps catering to various needs. Have a look at some of them below.

On Demand App Builder
On Demand App Services

Industries That
On-Demand Apps
Have Revolutionized

Ride-Hailing/Sharing App
Ride-Hailing/Sharing App

Get your car booking app developed

Food On Demand Delivery App
Food On Demand Delivery App

Our on-demand delivery app builder for your restaurant or food startup.

iLogistics App
Logistics App

Build a custom app for your Logistics and Trucking businesses.

Health & Fitness
Health & Fitness

Create your own on-demand health and fitness app

Package Delivery and Courier Services
Package Delivery and Courier Services

Build your package or courier delivery app.

Package Delivery and Courier Services
Grocery Delivery

Have a business app? Integrate a on demand Delivery app module for home delivery service.

Repair & Maintenance
Repair & Maintenance

Provide on-demand maintenance services with a repair and maintenance app.

Repair & Maintenance
Cosmetic Industry

Let our developers help you build an on-demand app for your beauty salon.

Repair & Maintenance
Travel & Tourism

Create your on-demand travel and tourism app.

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On-Demand Delivery App & Other Solutions

The Uberization of Everything: Revolutionizing Industries with On-Demand Solutions

Founder in 2009, Uber can be credited for pioneering the on-demand trend.

This unique, disruptive business model is what made Uber the transportation giant that it is today.

While this strategy made Uber acquire a never before seen competitive advantage in the industry by as early as 2009, today this has become the industry standard, that’s being widely applied by businesses of all sizes.

The idea is simple, the consumers get what they want instantly with just a few taps, fulfilling their need in the most convenient way possible.

Tekrevol’s dedicated team of on-demand app developers understand the necessity of time and convenience and specialize in developing on-demand apps that provide value to you and your target audience. Our on demand app development services bring validated work experience across a wide-variety of industries.

Features Of On-Demand Apps

Basic Features of On-Demand App Solutions


The Booking System allows on demand delivery app users to make a booking for their desired service, be it a food delivery app or a ride-hailing app with only a few taps on their screen.


This module gives users the ability to book their service in advance by entering the exact time and date of their requirement, so you don’t have to ever worry about being late.

In-App Payment Merchant

Integrate your debit/credit cards or leverage an e-wallet to pay for your services allows users to pay for the services directly through the app for maximum convenience.


Through our on demand app development services, your clients can keep a check on their order history and revisit and reorder from their history, be it through a food related on demand delivery app or a grocery shopping app.

Tracking The Delivery Status

Real-time tracking and delivery status for users once they place their order or confirm their booking including location and an estimated time for the arrival of their service provider.

Real-Time Communication

On demand app services are perfect for users to initiate either a Message or Call to their service provider to coordinate with them for timely delivery of products or package.

Online Customer Service

Consumer service is essential for business success and our on-demand solutions makes it easier for your consumers to get in touch for questions, queries, and service-related problems.

Personalized Recommendations

Our AI-powered solutions recommend orders and services based on their user history just the way Spotify recommends you songs that you may like, why not do the same with food?

Integrated, Robust & One-Window Backend To Control The App’s Features

Master Admin Panel

Control everything on your on-demand app through this dashboard including payments, commissions, user profiles, reviews, comments and payments.

Tracking Reports For Monitoring App Performance

Attain access to all the important performance metrics on your on-demand app and manage performance based issues through the right analytics.

Billing Panel

Keep track of all your payments and earnings through your on-demand app with the added ability to restrict access to this feature to non-concerned personnel.

App Installation, Management & Updates

Know about every update or change that we make in order to make the app more secure and functional. You can also generate requests for customized updates that you might want.

Customer Analytics

Learn more about the customers interacting with your app and optimize it to manage your revenue targets in a much more aligned manner.

Access Settings

Restrict or provide access to various parts of the app to either the customers or your team members, thereby firmly remaining in control of your app.

Control The App’s Features
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Best On-Demand App Development & Solutions

Uber : On-Demand Ride Service App

Uber is one of the most famous On-Demand app solutions in the world, with operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. Founded in 2009 as just a ride-hailing service, today Uber Technologies operate Uber Eats, a food delivery app, and a micromobility system.

Uber’s on-demand ride service app stands at a rating of 4.7 on the App Store and on 4.0 on Play Store.

Uber allows its users the following capabilities using its web and app platforms:

  • Ride Booking For Instant Travel
  • Ride Scheduling in Advance
  • E-Wallet for online payment
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Communication via Call or Message.
Best On-Demand App Development & Solutions

Airbnb : On-Demand Rental Booking App

Airbnb is an On-demand rental booking app offering lodgings and tourism experiences. Airbnb’s started with humble beginnings and received $20,000 in venture funding at Y combinator.

Today, their platform hosts millions of people across the globe. Their rating on the Google Play store stands at 4.7 and 4.8 on the App Store.

The app allows its users to leverage the following features:

  • Submitting and Managing Listings
  • Managing Travel Details and History
  • In-app payment
  • Reviews and Recommendations
  • Wishlist and Referrals
Best On-Demand App Development & Solutions
Top Game Developers
Best On-Demand App Development & Solutions

Instacart : On-Demand Delivery App

Instacart is an On-Demand Delivery App that was founded in 2012. It offers users the ability to order groceries online from shops, straight to their homes using their on-demand mobile app solution.

Instacart is rated at 4.8 and 4.4 on App Store and Play Store, respectively, making it one of the best On-Demand Delivery apps out there.

Instacart allows its users to use the following features:

  • Product search
  • Online Ordering
  • GPS Tracking
  • Online Payment
  • Order History
our services

The App Development Process We Follow For On-Demand App Services

Our on demand app development services follow a set model that’s been researched towards perfection. Whether you want to develop a custom on-demand delivery app or require on-demand AI assistant app development, this model will ensure that you get only the best results without exceeding your budgets and within the agreed timeframe.


Explore And Analyze

  • Get to know our clients
  • Sign an NDA and gather client requirements
  • Propose our own solutions and lock the deal

Documentation and Scoping

  • Project kick-off meeting with PM.
  • Scope of Work Documentation
  • Final Scope review with development and design teams.

Designing and WireFraming

  • WireFraming based on the Client Brief
  • Design individual App screen with UI/UX experts
  • Sharing the design with clients for approval

Development and Testing

  • Coding the Alpha version of the app
  • Coding the Beta Version for client review
  • User-Acceptance Testing for 100% bug-free deployment.


  • Submit the app on Google Play Store
  • Deploy Database on Client’s server(If required)
  • Complete App review process and make the app live.
Explore and Analyze
Documentation and Scoping
Designing and WireFraming
Development and Testing
Our On-Demand App Development

The Technologies we Use to Develop Our On-Demand App Development

App development companies need to ensure that their clients get the best performing applications for business success. To deliver top notch on demand app development services that meet industry standards, we utilize modern technologies to ensure that our apps perform the best. Here are some of the tools our app development team uses throughout the development process.

Our On-Demand App Development
Cost to build

How Much does it Cost to Build On-demand App?

It is impossible to provide an exact amount for the development of an On-demand app solution for your business. Based on estimates, it might cost you anywhere from $25,000 - $50,000 for an app with the basic functionalities and features.

This price can go up, depending on the complexity of your business requirements and the application we are developing.

We have to account for the cost for the UI design, the technology stack we will have to use, and any premium APIs that we might have to integrate.

Our on demand app services can offer you with some of the most affordable development prices in the whole industry. You can find out an estimate cost for your On-demand app solution using our mobile app cost estimator to get a better idea of the costing.

Why Tekrevol

Why Choose Tekrevol For Your On-Demand App Development?

Post-Delivery Support and Maintenance

We provide post-delivery maintenance and bug-fixes to our clients for a period of 3 months.

Complete Process Transparency

We use project management tools to keep our clients up-to-date with our progress.

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Idea

We believe every idea is worth hearing, so feel free to talk to our experts to discuss your idea.

Custom Pricing Models

We provide post-delivery maintenance and bug-fixes to our clients for a period of 3 months.

Our Featured Work

On-demand App Solutions We’ve Worked On

Beach Bandits

Beach Bandits

Plan your next beach trip and beach bandits will take care of the rest.

Have Queries?
Here Are Our Answers To Your
Frequently Asked Questions

An on demand app requires extensive market research and technical expertise. Once the idea of the app is finalized, it is first designed and then moved into development. This process is managed by experts at Tekrevol, who ensure you get the perfect app.

The cost of developing an on-demand app can vary depending upon the custom requirements and features. However, the prices start at around $50,000 and go well above $500,000.

An on-demand app is one that enables customers and businesses or service providers to connect with each other. The customers can place their orders, and the businesses fulfill the requirements in the given time.

The on-demand app is used to bridge the gap between customers and service providers or sellers. Customers can place their orders, and the businesses will be delivering them using their own or the app’s delivery services. On demand, apps are among the most popular apps these days.

To protect your on demand app idea, you need to get it protected through intellectual property laws by filing a patent. Tekrevol helps its clients save millions by assisting them in protecting their intellectual property and taking appropriate action against fakes.

Tekrevol has been in the app development business for a long time – almost a decade – and we have built numerous amazing applications covering various industries. We have also built on-demand mobile applications for our clients and executed them to perfection. Connect with us to know more.

For on demand smartphone app development, hiring models can differ depending on the requirements. Here is an overview.

  • Hourly Charge Model: In this model, you can hire an on-demand developer, handpicking them based on your requirements and by having a look at their expertise and experience. You pay hourly for the developer’s work.
  • Fixed Charge Model: Depending upon the requirements, functionalities, features, and timeline, you will have to pay a fixed price, and we will handle the rest of the hassle for you.
  • On-Premises Team Model: In this model, we bring together a team of experts, including designers, developers, project managers, and all other required professionals, to develop an exquisite app where you can interact with them and overlook the complete process.
  • Dedicated Team Model: In this model, a complete team of on-demand app developers, quality assurance engineers, and designers are dedicated to your project. This complete team is managed by project managers that also act as a point of contact for you.

Whatever your questions, queries, or concerns are – they all will be communicated to your point of contact. Through your POC – everything else shall be forwarded to developers, designers, or respective professionals. You can also get regular updates as well.

Absolutely, yes. We will be submitting your app to the respective app store – such as Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We have published quite a few apps, and we are fully aware of the requirements. We make sure that your app is published in time so that you never miss a thing.

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405 Lexington Avenue
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