Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Exciting changes are coming to our website! Please pardon our appearance while we work behind the scenes.

Real Estate App Development Company

Creating Customized Real Estate SaaS App Solutions

TekRevol is a highly renowned real estate app development company in the US. We offer innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of real estate businesses and changing expectations and behavioral patterns of buyers and sellers. Diverse industries, including real estate, are recognizing the significance of mobile apps as more and more people turn to mobile devices as their preferred medium for everyday solutions.

A robust real estate app with comprehensive functionalities helps your business gain lucrative benefits like gaining more qualified leads, providing higher customer satisfaction, and overall growth. Such an app will allow you to provide your consumers with a single marketplace to host all the properties to buy, sell or rent. Consumers can view each property in detail with images along with scheduling appointments with property owners, brokers and consultants.

Our real estate mobile app design and development services and cutting-edge technologies and tools enable us to expand your business and drive maximum ROI.

Features Of Real Estate App Development

TekRevol offers state-of-the-art retail management software to simplify all your retail operations. Our retail management software has made things easier for B2B and B2C consumer-based retail businesses and enterprises with advanced built-in features like a point of sale, dashboard analytics, contactless payments, inventory management, and more.

Advance Search
Interactive Map
Virtual Tours

We incorporate advanced property search feature that provides filters by city, prices, property type, home features, and more, to make your real estate app provide maximum convenience to users.

It encourages users' involvement and further enhances the overall app experience by providing them with a way to view locations and areas of interest much more easily.

We understand that overcomplicated functionalities don't always deliver the best performing apps. We keep our user interface for property listings intuitive and focused on helping the users find what they are looking for quickly.

Our real estate app development company helps you identify and incorporate the right app monetization model that provides an easy and secure way for users to make payments.

We integrate advanced technologies like AR and VR to provide virtual tours of homes and other properties on sale or available for rent, delivering a modern app experience.

We can also help you build an online cost estimator that can allow users to input details of the property they want to buy or sell and find its market price in a couple of clicks.

Seamless Real Estate Management, Like Never Before!

Manage all real estate queries, performance optimization & much more with our advanced backend features for your real estate app.

An integrated master admin panel where you can track or gain visibility in to all aspects of your real estate app including performance reports, payments & transactions, user profiles and much more.

Your real estate app needs to be on top of its game at all times and our tracking reports present the clearest picture on how the app is actually performing on multiple fronts.

Ensure transparency on all transactions that take place within the app and know how much revenue you are generating via the app on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Keep the app’s performance at its best by leveraging our app management panel to roll out timely performance and security related updates.

See what kind of properties your customers are searching for and gain real time data on the hottest performing properties through our specialized customer analytics panel.

Remove access to older features when you roll out new ones from a single platform and ensure timely access rights are granted in the app to optimize performance.

How Are Apps Creating A New Era For The Real Estate Industry?

A report by the National Association of Realtors shows that 73% of home buyers use their mobile phones, tablets, app, or even a website to search for the right property. More and more real estate companies are making their home and property listings available online through mobile apps and websites.Through this, they want to better cater to the upcoming home buyers and sellers who want to use mobile real estate solutions. By connecting with the right real estate app development company, businesses can create unmatched opportunities and advantages for their business.

From increasing their market reach and accessibility to driving higher transparency and convenience, our real estate apps will help drive more trust in the brand to effectively engage users with advanced features like online cost estimators and virtual tours.


Today, technology is the key to turning strategies into sustainable returns. The real estate investment industry thrives on the flow, analysis, and interpretation of information and technology that gives it the edge and competitive advantage.

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