True Vine Media Mobile App Development

Building strong church communities the right way

client brief

True Vine Media (TVM) is a unique networking application that helps people stay connected with their church and its fellowship.


YEAR - 2019


TYPE - Web Development


the introduction

Unity is strength, and great communities are built on foundations of strong networks and collaboration. The goal was to create a social networking platform that could unite churches and people for an efficient exchange of services, information and monetary contributions.


the problem

The challenge for this project was to integrate a wide range of community building, networking and ecommerce features into the application. This included the ability to live broadcast sermons, cope with heavy network traffic and server loads, and carry out secure online transactions pertaining to church merchandise.


the solution

Our team took the challenge to heart and produced a vibrant social networking platform with a range of advanced features. We integrated load shifting algorithms on the server to ensure seamless operation, and collaborated with reliable broadcasting service providers to enable quality live streaming of events. In addition to this, we made sure that all transactions that take place through the app remain secure through data encryption.


the highlights

In addition to building communities this application allows churches to run their establishments with increased efficiency. As organizations, churches can use this app to schedule services, notify their followers of programs and events, share information and updates, and directly transact with them as per their convenience.


the results

A holistic application that embodies an ideal balance between functionality and user-friendliness, TVM represents the ultimate experience of convenience, whether you’re an individual or representing a church. Who says religion, community and fellowship has no place in the digital world? With apps like TVM we’re revolutionizing the way people stay informed and connected, in all these aspects.


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