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404Monster Upgrade
The upgrade functions for 404monster, create a Self-hematopoiesis ability of the platform
of 45 GBYTE
9 funders

To get an ability of creating Self-hematopoiesis for the 404monster, we initialize this second phase development target, after it is completed, it will have the following new functions:

  1. A new reward funtion, with it people can publish something valuable for others to give bytes tip before they can read the article, also readers can rate and leave comments and the author can reply as well;
  2. add an EDGE plug for microsoft EDGE internet explorer;
  3. add a mobile version which enables users to use the platform through mobile device;
  4. some other minor upgrades

For original project description of 404monster and benefit of participating, please check
The rules are the same, your Obyte wallet address represents your shares.

If you missed the first round of crowdfunding, now opportunity comes again and do not miss it!

Contribute to the upgrade of 404monster to make it better to serve the market, in the meantime you will get return as a shareholder in the long run.

Questions or Contact: 
@ or pm me at discord: Weijun#7969

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