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A chrome extension application which allows you to save valuable text data to Obyte DAG network and never lost
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Why 404monster proposed?
The idea to create such an application is because sometimes I find my saved web pages will become 404 (not accessible anymore), such an accident could be caused by various reasons: server broken, hacked, deleted by website administrator, physical damage of website server, censored, etc.
To prevent such a sad thing from happening, we are going to create a chrome extension application, it can enable anybody to save valuable text data to the network of Obyte, thus your saved information will become immuable in the DLT network.
The name of “404monster” comes from "A monster who eliminates 404 pages specifically!"

How do you use it?
After this project is completed, firstly, you install this extension on your chrome explorer, when you surf the internet and see some really valuable information, you can simply click the extension installed previously and Copy&Paste your selected text data, then confirm to send to the network of Obyte. You can also buy "fuel", that is stablecoin exchanged by an internal AA with bytes, with convenient payment gateways.
So from the point of user side, it is an easy to use application: Installed -- purchase some fuels -- save valuable text data as wished either by transparent way to encrypted method (which can only be decrypted by the author).

Difference with traditional saving ways?
Traditionally, you can save a webpage to your local or upload it to the cloud. The difference between these traditional data saving methods with 404monster is centralized and decentralized. For the first method, it is single point saving or controlled by a single company, there is no assurance your saved data is safe enough for kinds of reasons. For the 404monster, it is a DLT method, your valuable data will be saved in DLT network and un-modified forever, from the level of designing and algorithm.
As long as you have your seeds, you have everything you saved. 

What is the benefit if I fund this project?
The crowdfunding fund will be used to develop the project solely. You will become a private shareholder automatically when you fund this project, 1GB represents 1 portion of share, there are totally 75 shares, there is no limitation with how many shares you can take until full. 
We do not need to know who you are, your wallet address linked with the fund proves you are the right shareholder. 
The possible profit could come from the payments to buy “fuel” through local payment gateways or any future added-value service, if there are enough users base then profit will be generated and dividends will be distributed in proportion to the shares, after removing the cost of operation.

Questions or Contact: 
@ or pm me at discord: Weijun#7969

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