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Web application for autonomous agents data analysis
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When we were creating a crowdfunding feature for MadeOnObyte, we found it impossible now to easily get data on Autonomous Agents. Therefore, we decided to fix this problem and create

What is this?
This web application is necessary for aggregating data about events (transactions) in Autonomous Agents. It will be useful for Autonomous Agents creators, their users and analysts. It will collect data such as the number of unique addresses, the frequency of requests, including specific ones, balances, etc. All data will be available in the form of graphs, charts and tables. The API will be also available for developers to receive data in their applications and dashboard. The sources of the web application and API will be opened and available to everyone on github. 

How the collected GBYTE amount will be spent? What will you get?
All GBYTE will be spent on development of UI/UX, frontend, backend and promotion. All GBYTE collected over the target will go to the fact that as many people as possible know about Analyte and Obyte.

In reward for your donations, you or your project can place information about yourself on the main page of the website. The position and block will depend on the donation amount.

When the web app will be available?
The first version of the web application and API will be available within 1 month after the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign.

Who will make this?
Evgenii Stulnikov (xJeneK#3181) and Andrii Kaiurin (lMARIOl#1645). We have already successfully developed MadeOnObyte, BIoT, owallet.js, aagent.js and other projects.

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