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MadeOnObyte - Update 16/03

Hello all, here is list of changes what we prepared in this update:

  • When deleting content, an additional confirmation window has been added.

  • Added subscription on projects and authors

Now you have the opportunity to subscribe on projects and authors. After subscribing, you will receive notifications of their new publications into your Obyte Wallet Chat.

  • Added tag tips

When you add new tags, you will get tips about existing tags. To add a tag, you can select a tag from the list of tips or enter the desired one and press the ‘Enter’ button.

  • Added PayInGbyte section in Explore

We have added a new section in Explore - PayInGbyte. This is a list of places where you can pay with GBYTE currency or get cashback in GBYTE. If you own it or have rights to add such a place, you can do this using the menu.

  • Added Friendly URLs

Links are now displayed in human-readable format.
Before -
After -

  • Added Canonical URL for content with original link.

  • Added Sort option on Explore page

Now you can sort content "by date" or "by rating".



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