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#HowTo - Create Crowdfunding Campaign

To create crowdfunding you need to go on your project page and on the “Crowdfunding” tab click on “CREATE NEW CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN” button - you will be redirected on creating page.

On the first page, select an images for your campaign. The first image will be an avatar of your crowdfunding. Then, enter the name of your campaign and in the description field, we advise you to briefly describe your project. In a large text editor, write down all the details of your project: what you want to do, in what time frame, what value of your project etc.. - the more understandable and detailed you will tell about your project, the more attractive your project will be for the sponsors. Also don’t forget to add tags. After filling, click on the “Next” button.

On the second page, you need to enter data that cannot be changed after crowdfunding creating, except for the names and descriptions of the rewards. To collect in GBYTE, leave the “Asset ID” field empty, otherwise enter the asset id. Minimal goal in GBYTE - 10 GBYTE, for other assets - 0.00001.

Duration of crowdfunding is limited from 1 to 60 days, the countdown begins after data is confirmed in the Obyte DAG.

Then fill rewards data: reward prices should be different. But you should remember that you cannot change prices of rewards after creating. After crowdfunding creating and confirming, you can add only one reward at a time. Having filled in the data on this page, click on the button “NEXT”.

On the third page you can check provided data. If you want to add or change something, you can go back to the desired page by clicking on the “BACK” button. If everything suits you, go to the next page.

On the fourth page, we advise you to read the terms of use. Then choose when you want to publish your campaign. You can publish it immediately or later. In both cases, until the project is published and confirmed in Obyte DAG, it will be available only by link and visible in the Crowdfunding tab on the project page, but will not be visible in the list of all campaigns on the Crowdfunding page. For example, I will choose the option to publish the project immediately and continue by clicking on the “CREATE FUNDING” button.

From the next page you will need to follow on your wallet to send data to the Autonomous Agent. You can do this from your smartphone - by scanning a QR or follow by clicking on the “OPEN IN APPLICATION” button.

In the opened wallet, you will need to send the data by clicking on the “SEND” button. After sending the data to the Autonomous Agent, you can click on the “I PUBLISHED IN AA” button to go to your crowdfunding page. As I pointed out above, until the data is confirmed in Obyte DAG it is only available by the link and it is not possible to add new rewards.

This is how your crowdfunding page will look after sending data to the Autonomous Agent.

After confirmation, the crowdfunding page will look like this and will be available to all users / visitors. To edit the project, click on the “EDIT” button and edit what you need, you will not need to send data to AA, but as I mentioned, not all data can be edited after creation.

If you will have an idea to add a new reward, click on the “ADD REWARD” button.

Then, fill needed data of the new reward and remember that the price must be unique and click on the “ADD REWARD” button.

Next, just as when creating the crowdfunding itself, we need to send data to the Autonomous Agent. This is how reward will look like after sending the data. Reward will become available after data confirmation in Obyte DAG.

We also want to note that if you didn’t send the data immediately to the Autonomous Agent, you could do this from the page of your crowdfunding. This applies to both: creating a collection or adding a new award.

It will be possible to withdraw money in case of a successful campaign after the deadline. And if the goal is reached before the end, then it will be possible to withdraw earlier. This is intended to help you to start your project as soon as possible.

To withdraw collected funds, you need to click on the “WITHDRAW COLLECTED AMOUNT” button.

After that, you need to follow in your wallet and send a request to the Autonomous Agent. Warning! You must send a request from the same payment address from which your campaign was created.

If you have any questions, ask for help in telegram: @xJeneK , @kaiurin . Or write in Obyte groups: telegram chat and discord .



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